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Why did I redo my portfolio

I created my first portfolio in 2016, second in 2017. Compare to the first one, the second (profungi.github.io) used a creative template with a bunch of nice photo filters. It has a better look and feel but 2 fetal problems:

  1. Belt shape presentation is not the best choice for portfolio.
    If people lose interest at the beginning, they won’t have patience to see the following artwork; as I am keep working on projects, the site will be like Snake, which is unfriendly for searching.
  2. Design style inconsistency.
    I moved the site and changed the interface, but I kept the project detail page on the old site. The two sites have completely different design style, which will confuse visitors.

As I am planning to add my projects, switching to a new platform to start over was the best choice.

3rd Site update memo

2018.3 – Create child site

choose template

create site structure

migrate projects

home page

domain name

added animation effect

4th Site update memo

2018. 4

The 3rd version is a sub-site, and the domain I bought could not point to the WordPress sub-site. So I built the 4th version of my portfolio.

4.13 – built the template, defined pages

4.18 – 20 – built the whole site

4.21 – added masonry on the home page

4.24 – the site is done

4.24 – fixed hover effect for mobile users (the order of <a>, overlay and the picture)

5.2 -.8 – added new project – fitness site

5.15 – added personal timeline and skill board; updated about page image; updated contact me page

5.21 – created child theme and updated the theme because the masonry stop working

5.25 – updated cover image

6.2 – added google analytics

6.6 – remove local visiting from analytics

6.6 – fixed some responsive problem

  • right column disappear when the screen is smaller
  • add social icons below the self description

6.6 – found that the cinema project cover is too gray to attract click; designed a new cover image

6.6 – added more photos in the other creative work section


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