Web creation/ Digital analytics notes

why does the site exist?

1. Macro Conversion
– See from home page

2.  Micro Conversions
– call to actions

What parts of the website should you focus on first?

~ What content on the website is directly tied to driving Macro and Micro Conversions?
~ What sections of the website might be most valuable to the visitors?
~ What content areas seem very expensive to create (hence more important to measure if they are adding any value!)?
~ What cross-sells and up-sells do you see being pimped across the site?
~ What does the top nav and left/right nav groupings tell you about priorities?

How smart is their digital marketing strategy?

  1. Searching Test (use any search engine)
    5 brand-related queries
    10-15 non-brand/long tail queries
    Pay attention to:
    1. Organic search rankings (rank, page titles, snippets).
    2. Paid search ads (title, creatives, urls shown).
    3. Competition (who comes up first consistently, ppc and organic).
    4. Search Plus Your World results.
  2. Advertising from web portals
    Find high traffic websites and where your target customers are likely to visit, see if there are ads.
  3. YouTube matters (where the videos are, how do they show up, what is the quality, how helpful they are)
  4. SNS (what kind? how many followers? how often do they update? content? interactions with users?
  5. Android Market & AppStore,
  6. Phone size and tablet size friendly, Cross-browser friendly, JS can show normally.

How well are they doing in context of their competition?


Google Trends for Websites

Google/DoubleClick AdPlanner

What is the fastest possible way I can have a impact on the business?

404 check, misdirection check

landing page construction check (for top organic/paid keywords, any missing important parts, wrong placement)

any related recommendation

Any technical notes I can make for the future (analytics or coding)?

descriptive link text

clean URL structures

campaign tracking parameters

check out popups


~ Use internal search engine and see if my query shows up in the url stem. For example, on this blog it would look like this: http://www.MMM.net/avinash/?s=segmentation

This would be awesome. The “s.” It means we can configure it in Analytics in two seconds (no IT begging involved) and start doing amazing internal site search analysis .

If the parameter does not exist… well, then IT begging will be mandatory.